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I need some serious assistance, I have zero experience in coding, using JSON, Webhooks, anything. I understand it’s frustrating to try and teach someone completely green, but someone please help me. At least point me in the direction of applicable tutorials, please.

I need to:
- Create a custom profile page viewable by non-members, other members etc. with images that the member is able to upload and display as they please (sort of like a blog/storefront with examples of work/services they can offer etc.) I know there’s a wix blog, but you can’t really edit any part of it’s layout, text, sections or anything.

- Make it so that the search bar on my home screen only searches for information/text included in one of my pages instead of the whole site (very important)

- Connect my Cognitoforms custom form to the custom profile page I’ve created which displays (some publicly, some privately for read/write/update use only) the information that was put in the Cognitoforms custom form.

- Create a page for non-members to search for/browse services offered by members (which the members put in the Cognitoforms custom form from before/a new Cognitoforms custom form and update at will) connected with the member’s profile page.

- Connect members with non-members who’ve searched for their services by means of automated emails (in both directions).

I used a tutorial to create:

  • A custom database named Profile
  • A dynamic Profile Page named Profile Update (ID) connected to the forementioned database
  • A custom form on

Because, for the purposes of my website, i need a whooooole lot more information than name, email, address, and phone number. Some of the information needs to be readable by others (non-members, other members, etc.) and some of it needs to only be read/writable by the member it belongs to.

I’m prepared to delete my entire website and start from scratch if that’s what this requires. I know, the amount i’ve requested is ridiculous, and I’ve made you angry. Please punch me in the face while shouting step-by-step instructions. I’m completely desperate. Please.


Cognitoforms will not work with Wix Code. To create form with Wix Code, you can start with the excellent video tutorial How to Create a Custom Form . Then play with the Basic Form example by loading it into your editor.

I would highly recommend reading the Wix Code Basics , and then continuing on into more advanced topics.

Good luck and have fun,


For more information, visit the sites of a couple of Wix Code Experts where you’ll find some really great sutff.

Andreas Kviby ::
Nayeli Gómez aka Code Queen :: Totally Codable