Member Specific Profile Pages - Tutorials?


I know I can add a Member Login App from Wix. However, how can I further create a Member Profile page, that is unique to each user?

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We are working on a tutorial on that, goto and register and send us a note and we will be able to record it in the upcoming days for you

Thanks Andreas, I registered and am excited for all the videos to come, I think it’s a great idea.

If anyone has guidance on the topic in the meantime that would still be hugely appreciated.


Bump. I have zero coding experience, but I’m thinking through this logically as if I were a coder. A member profile page would just be a Dynamic Page, which pulls from a MemberDatabase depending on the respective field in the URL, correct? So, I imagine it would be simple code to find who the current logged in user is, then set the URL field accordingly? Anyone have thoughts:

  1. How to identify the current logged in User
  2. How to set the URL field to the respective field, which corresponds to database?

I feel like it has something to do with this API: import wixUsers from ‘wix-users’;

I was able to do this for a client site using user-input forms, databases and dynamic pages. The user would input their profile information, then that would be stored on a database and displayed on a dynamic page. That member profile page itself I made read-only, but I also included a button that took you to a second dynamic page but this one, instead of just displaying the info, included user-input forms that displayed what the user had previously and allows them to edit the information in the database and then it saves and updates to the primary member dynamic page. The only problem is it doesn’t link to the login/member app that Wix uses. I had to use both of those together which was frankly pretty awkward.

I am also looking to do something similar. Have limited coding experience. Will be keen to understand how this is done. @Andreas, could you send me the tutorial once ready? @mypurdy, could you share the website whereby you did this so that I could have a sense how you actually did this? Thank you all.

I watched this video - she is great and she follows along the Wix article and codes out the Member profile page.

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Hey, this is great. Will test this out. By the way, have anybody tried customizing the look and feel of the log in/sign up page for members?

Hey, the url for my site is
I removed the password restrictions so you can see the member-only Coach pages.


please can someone assist me - i have zero coding experience and this is driving me bananas.

tried this but i still cant get it right.

i sell furniture and want to create a members only login for each customer to see their individual order/catalog.

i created the database, created the dynamic page but then nothing happens. when i login, it only says logout.

Make sure to add the profile button as the tutorial suggests.
You can find a video for creating member profiles here

Ability to add a password?