Collapse Elements = Unwanted White Space

One my website (feedback link below) My elements on my “speakers” page touch one another. However, they are within the 70-pixel range. I want my footer to be able to move in place of the collapsed elements. (so the page size should shrink)
With the filter buttons created, I thought those collapsing elements would change the layout, and I checked the article on the rules for collapsing/expanding elements/footer.
My collapsed elements won’t cause the footer to move up and the page size to shrink and they are all within that 70px gap mark.
Here is a link to the site via feedback url:
I’ve attached several pictures:
the two pictures labeled “preview” show the site normally. The filter buttons “category” and “Event date” are what determines which of the elements (the speaker profile blocks) are collapsed.
In the “issue” picture, I used one of the filters and it causes the blocked to move up, but there is unnecessary white space between the last element and the footer. From the other pictures, I purposely placed each element touched with one another just so it could be within the 70 gap mark (no gap at all) but I still have this space when I filter those blocks.
Any help?

Hi Bobby,

Check out this article for more information regarding spacing

@Ido Inbar, that article was what I looked up and used. But still, the 70px/gap calculations still won’t allow my page to shrink when the elements collapse.

That article was the first thin I went to, but no fortune…

Hi Bobby,

Try the following:

  • Open the relevant page in edit mode
  • Select the page elements that are being collapsed/expanded
  • Cut the elements (with Ctrl/cmd + X)
  • By clicking and dragging the mouse, select the white space to locate any (hidden) elements that might affect the footer position. Then either remove or re-position them.
  • Drag the footer upwards
  • Place the element back by pasting it (Ctrl/CMD + V)
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Okay, I will try it and let you know if it worked. Do you want me to leave the link to my site for you to test out as well?

you can paste the editor url here.
it is only accessible by authorized wix staff.

I think when I tried your trick there, i discovered that my blue background is somehow being the cause of the white space. When I shorten the BG, the filters work but looks unprofessional (see image attached). When I try to cover the speaker bio blocks with that BG, it goes back to leaving that white space as before.

I have another question if you don’t mind me asking.

I have the same problem described above. I have reviewed the article and it isn’t working. All of my elements are aligned with no space between them. The final element will rise all of the way up when the elements above it are collapsed, however the footer doesn’t move and leaves a huge gap at the bottom of the page.

Can you please assist?

The relevant page is the first Dynamic Page. “Info Pages” TravelRace (Title)

This seems to be an oversight in Wix Code. White space left by collapsing elements should be addressed by default, with no need for “kludge fixing” as described here. If even simple coding tasks like these leave untidy loose ends which break layouts I shall have to report to my company and elsewhere that these off-Template tricks are simply not worth pursuing in Wix. It’s a shame that for all it’s advantages, Wix dev team seems unable to provide for so many basic elements of webdesign. Borders, for instance, for all their potential problems, are very easy to create and style on any common element when you hand-code a site but Wix allows borders on some elements and not others with seemingly no consistency. Problems may be encountered due to borders on certain elements in legacy browsers or borders over a certain thickness but those issues are not catered for by Wix restrictions. So much of this nonsense would be improved if those able to write any code were allowed full access to their sites. If bad coders break their own sites then let them. It will not impact on Wix marketing to a measurable degree.


Hi sorry for the late response. Did you ever find a solution to the Gap issue?

Indeed, such would be nice if the Dev team looked on these “trivial” issues. And no doubt if coders had access to the source code in their sites, a lot of these problems can be avoided. Unfortunately, WIX is its own beast. Maybe CMSs like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Craft, etc. may serve a better need…

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Has there been any fix found for this? It really shouldn’t be advertised as a feature if is screwed.


Hi sadra, unfortunately, none from the WIX team addressed this. I’ve developed a new site months after I posted about this issue and still no fix. If you or anyone else here in the chat finds a solution please post it here. Thank you.

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This is a very broken ‘feature’. No matter how sections are set up to collapse, the page size is set to some odd sum of each section. I honestly don’t think the wix programmers have the skills to fix it.


Indeed. It’s been a whole year since I presented this issue on Wix’s forum. As seen, there has yet been a relevant solution. Not only that, but Wix’s mobile system isn’t as optimal either.

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@bobbymccreeiii I don’t know if this will work for you, or even for me again, as the wix editor may break things on a future session (it is buggy as hell), but maybe try it. I don’t know if you’re doing exactly what I am, but here’s what I’ve got …

I was trying to figure out how the Wix editor was building the sections and managed to eliminate the whitespace between my collapsed sections and page footer.

I have 5 collapsed container boxes on a page. Each container contains a ‘continue’ and a ‘go back’ button. Clicking on these collapses the box its in and expands the box above or below it (as set up in the wix editor). Typical single page sectioning, a wizard-like step-forward, step-back presentation.

On page load, the topmost box in the wix editor populates a repeater and expands. Before my ‘fix’, this would leave a vast field of white between the container and the footer. Going through the sections as above would also leave said vast field of white.

So the ‘fix’ …

In the editor, I grabbed the ‘page height’ thing, made some room, and added a container box above the footer and below the last collapsed section; I kept a border on the box so I could see it. Then I snugged it up to that last section, and snugged the page height up to it. Note this added box was not collapsed on load. I then published and launched, to see what this did to the vast field of white. As expected the box was there, but it had replaced the vast field of white.

I then went back to the wix editor, deleted the box, and snugged the page height up to the last collapsed section. I republished and launched. The vast field of white is gone!

I don’t know if this is robust, it doesn’t seem like any thing to do with Wix really is. However, maybe it will work for you/

One feature I just found that may help others, is that you can double click on the footers “Adjust Page Height” tab, and it will remove white space.

Probably wont fix all cases, but fixed mine and hopefully some others!