Collection Dynamic Page All does not work

hey, i wanna design a Dynamic page for Collections (ALL) I connected everything with a repeater. But when i view the page i cant see any content. I set the Items 20 to display and have a lot of collections. What i am doing wrong?

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Hey guys, i still have no answear. My Collections does not work for my products :frowning: How can i fix this?

Hi Chris, it is unclear as to what exactly you’re trying to achieve here.

From what I can understand - you have a collection of items (products?) that you want to connect to a repeater, you have attempted to connect these items to the repeater using a dataset? - Have you made sure that you have set-up the links to do this? Make sure that you set up links between the collection & your dataset (this should be done automatically) - and the links between your dataset and the repeater (this is not done automatically) - if this is still an issue let me know, or if I have misunderstood could you clarify the above so we can understand better

I hope you resolve the issue soon, if not contact me and we could work something out!


Yes you are right. I habe a Store. The Store has Products. Also i have Collections for that products. Editorx gives me the opportunity to make a dynamic page with collections. But when i connect everything like seen in the picture i cant see data from the collection and i dont know why…

After i did this. It does not work…

SOLVED, It was a “SORT” in the Collection by default. I just deleted the Sort and i have the collection Page now.

Here is the Sort by default. Just delete it and it works

just out of curosity, are you adding products? if so, i cant add any of my products in Collections? did u manage to find a solution

You have to add products into products. Collections are just the Category for the Products. you go into Collection and choose the products you want to categorize