Dynamic collections pages are confusing me

I have two issues that I can’t get figured out relating to dynamic pages showing collections.

  1. I have a dynamic page for Collections (All) that properly displays all the collections I have, however, the default “Read More” button has no link associated with it (clicking it does nothing) and I can’t figure out how to create a link that sends the user to the appropriate Collections (Name) page.

  2. The Collections (Name) dynamic page always shows all the items I’ve added, regardless of which collection I’ve selected.

Thank you for any help.

Hi, @coalpointseafoodco . OK, last time I tried to help, I missed the point that you were working in a store. This time I’ve got that.

I don’t have much store experience, so I set up a test store on an Editor X practice site that I use, just to be sure I was looking at the same thing as you.

And I apologize if I’m again missing the point, but… here’s my attempt to solve your second problem.

I see that you’ve got your collection dataset established, but do you have a product dataset to determine which products to display?

When I set up the collections page, I also created a Products dataset, and I based the contents on the Collections Item. When I did that, everything worked fine. Below is a screenshot of my Products dataset filter, and below that is a screenshot of the resulting collection page. (Notice that collection A contains only ‘A’ products; when I page ahead, collection B contains only ‘B’ products, and collection ‘C’ contains only ‘C’ products.)

Have a come any closer to being helpful this time?

If not, it’s Saturday and I’m going to go have a drink :wink:

Regarding your first question, is this helpful? The buttons work on my ‘all collections’ page. Here’s the setup:

I have that except I don’t have the option of choosing the dynamic page, Collections (Name) for the button, the only options are Collections (All), Main Media (Image), or Not Connected. The Collections (Name) dynamic page exists but I can’t get the button to link to it. Perhaps it is related to the fact that on my Collections (Name) page, I can’t get the items to filter.

As for the Collections (Name) page problem, I have the setup you described (I think). I added a Product dataset to the Collections (Name) page and set the filter to be the same as yours (see image), but it’s still showing all products (I’ve verified the products aren’t in the wrong collections).

Thanks again for your time and assistance. Enjoy your Saturday evening.

@coalpointseafoodco There aren’t too many places where this could be broken. Shifting into debug mode, I’d try isolating each of the potential problem points and testing it.

The first thing I’d do is adjust the Products filter and see if it will work when you manually choose a collection. That is, instead of filtering based on the Collection dataset, try using the Collection field and manually specifying the ‘Halibut’ collection.

Does that work?

Whether or not that works tells us something about where the problem lies.

Hello Jim, thanks again for your help. Last week sometime, I made, and subsequently deleted, a couple dynamic ‘Collections (Name)’ pages while I was playing around, figuring out what I wanted to do. This morning I thought maybe that process ended up breaking some database references in the EditorX backend. So, I just deleted all my dynamic pages and recreated them new. This solved the problems. Luckily I hadn’t spent much time actually creating the layout for those pages yet.

Thanks again.

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