Coming Soon Updates

Hi Wix team,

Any release date updates on the following:

Additional Components: Address, Time Inputs, Toggles, Sliders, as well as Tags and Categories.

Roles & Permissions - Take full control of what your users can see and do on your site. Define roles and set permissions for your users and contributors.

Chat API’s - Expose Wix Chat functionality as an API allowing you to integrate chat on your site using wix code.

Contacts API’s - Expose Wix Contacts as an API to create private and social pages

Toggles and Sliders are out I think in the User Input Area. Roles & Permission are also out and be setup under member permissions and you can use the roles in your code as well as setting page permission using different roles. You can even setup paid plans app to put users inside different roles.

Thanks for your feedback @andreas-kviby . I wasn’t sure whether or not that was the full functionality because the “released” banner wasn’t present under those portions.

Secondly, how can I get on your radar in regards to a website build that I am working on?