Community Weekly Roundup - Edition 7

I think we’re settling into a groove of awesome updates, new features, and announcements each week. And let me tell you, this is just the beginning :eyes:

This week, we introduced a range of new improvements, like being able to globally set advanced sizing, new Wix Studio templates and more.

Take a read of the Community Weekly Roundup below for everything you’ll need to know.

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Enable advanced sizing - you asked, for a global setting. We enabled a global setting :sunglasses:
  • Tap to Pay on Android - your clients can now accept contactless payments on their Android devices without purchasing hardware. :partying_face:
  • New Wix Studio templates - that’s right! New templates to kickstart your projects.

For the Community

I’ve seen lots of posts this week from people who have attended the Wix Studio in-person events, and I’m super curious to see the friendships and connections you forged flourish and grow. :muscle:

If you haven’t already, it’s time to join the Wix Studio Discord community.

Why? Apart from being filled with amazing people, ranging from every spectrum of the industry, it’s the perfect place to keep the conversation going with the people you’ve met in-person.

We want to see and grow the local connections made to build something incredible together!

Wix Studio News

In-person training updates

With each passing week, we’ve been saying hello and goodbye to various cities, and this week is no different. We’re heading into our final weeks in New York and LA so if you haven’t joined any of these sessions, and you’ve been meaning to get around to booking something, now is the time to do it.

We also continue by beginning another awesome week in London and Toronto, and this week welcome Paris to the mix.

I’ll just leave the link to the in-person training here :wink: -

Enable advanced sizing across the editor

Did someone say “advanced sizing across the Studio Editor”?

That’s right! We heard the discussions you had about wanting a global setting for switching to advanced sizing.

You said:

There seems to be no “global” setting switch for “advanced” settings. Meaning every single element needs to be individually “switched on”.

And we say:

We’ve got you covered - Studio Editor: Setting the Size of Your Elements | Help Center |

Setting your size preference allows you to work with either advanced CSS measurements across the whole site or alternatively if you prefer enabling per element as and when you need it, you can keep it that way.

Elevate site management with new filters on the All Sites page

Ever wanted to see just the sites you’re the owner on? Or perhaps sites your agency doesn’t own?

Well, we’ve added a new filter to the All Sites view in Wix Studio.

You can now navigate and filter your All Sites view in Wix Studio with the ownership filter. This allows you to find sites owned by your agency or sites owned by others.

Pretty neat!

New Studio Templates

Templates are a great starting point for projects, whether used as is, taking certain sections, or simply used for inspiration.

This week, we’ve added a selection of new Wix Studio templates:

And that’s not all, we’re working on more templates which should be available very soon :crossed_fingers:

Webinars from this week

In other news

Tap To Pay graphic

Tap to Pay on Android is now available on Wix

With the Wix owners app, your clients can now accept contactless payments on their Android devices without purchasing hardware. :partying_face:

This new feature makes in-person payment processing easier and more convenient for your clients and is just one of the many diverse point of sale (POS) solutions for merchants using Wix Payments.

Your clients can now:

  • Sell on the go with ease - Accept contactless payments on an Android smartphone or tablet - no card reader needed.
  • Offer multiple payment options - allow customers to pay with their debit/credit cards and digital wallet.
  • Customise in-person checkouts - offer custom discounts, add customers to loyalty programs, email receipts and more through the Wix Owner app.
  • Integrate online and in-person business - manage online and in-person sales, analytics, and more - all using the Wix Owner app.

Note: Tap to Pay on Android is available to U.S. based Wix Payments merchants using Wix for eCommerce, Wix for Bookings, or Wix for Events.

Learn more about Tap to Pay here.

And don’t forget, Tap to Pay is already available on iOS.

Wix Editor Premium Plans rollout

A few weeks back, we mentioned that the new Wix Editor Premium plans would be soon rolling out to EU countries along with a handful of others.

On Tuesday (12th September 2023), we opened the plan to those countries. You can read more here.

Up Next Week

Upcoming webinars

Here are 2 questions for you to finish us off for this week. What sections of the Community Roundup do you enjoy the most? If you could add a new section to the Roundup, what would it be?