Community Weekly Roundup - Edition 3

Here we are, at the end of another week and I’m back with edition 3 of the Community Weekly Roundup.

This week has been special in more ways than one, but for me personally, hearing and seeing photos from the in-person training sessions in Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, and Sydney this week has been incredible. Making connections, partnerships, and friendships is an important part of building a strong community, and I’m glad we have these opportunities to do all of that (along with learning Wix Studio of course :wink:).

There’s been a range of announcements and things happening this week, so let’s get straight to it. Enjoy the read! :open_book: :star:

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Wix Product Roadmap: Request a Feature - You can now see all feature requests in one place, vote on your game changers, and Wix Studio users can submit their own feature requests.
  • In-person training events - We began 7 weeks of in-person training events, visiting 12 different cities.
  • Wix Editor Premium plans - rollout of the new Premium plans for the Wix Editor continues, with Partners and their clients in the EU and a few other locations getting access to the new plans on September 12, 2023.

From the Community

@Harrry shared with us this week the incredible news that he has been featured in the biggest newspaper in his state!

This is an amazing achievement, and we’re incredibly proud to have you as part of our community @Harrry.

Wix Studio News

In-person events

As a community team, we chatted with a few people this past week about their experiences attending these events. Whether these people have been using Wix since the Flash days, or have begun freelancing in recent months, there have been 2 things that have been a recurring theme:

  • They love gathering together.
  • They’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much larger their local Wix network is, or that others are unaware of the community.

This reminds me that at the core, our community is a group of people, united by a common theme. Wherever we find ourselves, when coming together, it’s the common theme that unites us. And when we’re apart, it’s the common theme that unites us.

If you attended one of these events this week, I want to hear about it below :point_down: Share your favorite insight or something you learned.

Shaping Wix Studio

With the launch of Wix Studio, we have new ways for you to impact and shape the future roadmap of Wix.

When building Wix Studio, we implemented feedback shared by Partners over the years. Not only that but over the last few months, we worked closely with a group of Partners - “The Insiders” - from a range of fields who were using the Wix Editor and Editor X to ensure we’re on our way to building the best platform for professionals. They worked directly with the teams to shape the future of Wix Studio.


And this week, we took the Wix Product Roadmap to a new level. You can now see all feature requests in one place, vote on your gamer changers, and for Wix Studio creators submit your dream feature to the product teams directly.

All I can say is, if you’ve been wanting a specific feature for a long time, either go vote for it or submit it as a new feature request now!

In other news

Blocking suspicious members - Members Area

Recently Wix started a process of blocking suspicious members in the Members Area of Wix sites, built on any of the editors. Suspicious or “fake” site members can post promotional content that could hurt your clients’ site’s reputation and SEO score.

These blocked users can no longer log into your client’s sites and their posts can’t be seen by other members or indexed by search engines.

You or your clients can review the blocked members in each site’s Members Area, and will be able to unblock any members if you’d like.

Wix will continue to monitor the Members Area of sites and will take action if needed.

To review your blocked members click here.

New Premium plans for the Wix Editor: EU & Others

A couple of months ago, we began the rollout of new Premium plans for the Wix Editor.

On September 12, 2023, we’ll be rolling out the plans to Partners and their clients in the EU and a few other countries.

If you’re included in this round, you’ll have received an email.

Tip of the week

Did you know that Wix Studio has brought the option to optimize site loading with default fonts?

If you’re using heavy fonts on your site, this is a great way to improve the site’s performance. As the page is loading, your chosen font is swapped with a default font that is very quick to load. When the page fully loads, your font appears.

In short, this improves your site’s performance as the text can be displayed while the font is still loading in the background.

But how do I enable it for my site, you ask?

Jump into a Studio site> Choose “Site Styles” in the left sidebar> Typography> At the bottom “Optimise site loading with default fonts”.

Up Next Week

  • Next week, we’re continuing the Studio webinars, which you can RSVP to here, or watch on demand here.
  • We also continue the in-person education events in Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Sydney, and this week, Bangalore get started with their events.

And that’s everything for this week.

I might be a little biased, but if you’ve read to the end, you made the right decision :laughing:. And if you’ve read Edition 1 and Edition 2 of the Community Weekly Roundup, you’re the best!

I’d love to see the Roundup become the best version it can possibly be for all of us. So, if you have an idea, or feedback, or want to see anything else let me know.

Now, if you were part of the events this past week, it’s time for you to share your favorite insight or something you learned :point_down: