Conditional attributes for dynamic pages

Hi I am using dynamic page in wix to show projects.
In the content manager I have set up a media gallery with a field name, to project a section of items on some of the project pages, however the field name still appears even though the photo gallery is empty.
Does anyone know how to make a conditional code for the field name of the photo gallery of dynamic pages? or if there is any other better solution?

A dynamic-page show 1-item only.

		let curItem = $w('#dynamicDataset').getCurrentItem();
		if (curItem['myFieldIDhere']) {
			console.log("Field does have some value!");
			//What to do now?
			//Showing some elements on your page, maybe?
		else {
			console.log("Field doesn't have any value!");
			//What to do now?
			//Hiding some elements now on your page, maybe?