Connect webservices response items to Wix Store Checkout

Hello everyone.

Is it possible, after connecting to a third-party webservice, to connect the response items to the Wix store checkout?

What I want to do is consume a third-party event webservice, display these events on a dynamic page, and connect that page to the store’s checkout. I want to consume the events in real time and give the customer the possibility to pay for this event using the Wix store checkout.

I wouldn’t like to store these events on the site, but if there is a possibility to turn these events into products, data collections or collections, that’s fine. I just don’t know how to do it yet. I know I can use the wix-data API’s insert() to insert an event into a collection that already exists, but that’s not quite what I need, because the collections are dynamic and doesn’t exist at first. So I would have to create them first for every webservice resource, which is not ideal.

So, any ideas?