Connecting an external URL to images in Lists

I am trying to connect an external URL to images in the list. I am new to corvid and have managed to use the following code successfully to link the list images to one URL from the database. However, I would like the other images in the list to be linked to relevant URLs in the database.

wixData.query('Vehicles')//my database is called Vehicles
        .eq('location', location)
                $w('#image1').src=res.items[0]; //#image1 is the list image       

Using the above code I get the repeated image in the list as shown below:

Also, until three days back I could easily link list images to external URLs using the Wix editor but now the functionality is grayed out and my previously linked URL throws an error. Guess Wix has rolled back this option (refer image below).

Found a solution for anyone struggling with the same problem. I used the forEachItem() function and the issue was resolved:

let i=0;
                let src=res.items[i];

What is “res” identifies in the line-3 of the above code as res.item[i];