Connecting ClickFunnels to Wix

I need to update the CNAME in ClickFunnels. My domain registry is in GoDaddy, and the site is managed from Wix. Can someone please explain what I need to do. Many thanks.

This forum is dedicated to Corvid. You should contact GoDaddy or ClickFunnels for assistance. For questions related to using this within a Wix site, you can contact the Wix support team .

ClickFunnels referred me to GoDaddy. GoDaddy referred me to Wix. I was referred to Corvid by the Wix support team, even though my question relates to using the funnel within a wix site.

This is not Wix Support, this is a Wix Corvid forum that helps users with issues that are code related on their page. Just follow the link to Wix Support that Yisrael has posted already and ask them.

In the meanwhile look through Wix Support’s own pages and you will find a lot of info already.

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@ronitkmayer This is the something in trying to figure out.


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