Connecting Open Edx (LMS) to Wix using Corvid

Hi All!

We at Madrasa ( teach Arabic to tens of thousands of Israelis, completely for free, in order to promote better communication between Jews and Arabs in the region.

We have been using Wix for 3 years at After some time we moved to an LMS platform called Open Edx, the open source of EdX, where we have 2 online courses with thousands of learners. The platform has a CMS which lets us control the Courses content, but not the “commercial” or organizational content which is external to the courses themselves. Since we are running many campaigns and a NPO with a huge impact and community, we are looking for an CMS (content managing system) that could be integrated to our Openedx Instance so we could control the external content easier. We are aware of a possibility to connect to WordPress, but since we have been running (before Openedx) on Wix for more than 3 years, we would be happy to go back to Wix and to use it as our CMS by integrating it to Openedx.

We would like to know whether it is possible to create a user integration between Wix and OpenEdx using Corvid, and if so - what is the best way to start!

Thank you very much,
Gilad Sevitt,
Founder and professional Director at Madrasa

You will need to consult with OpenEdx to see if they have an API that you can interface with.

You will need to read about how to access 3rd party services in the article Corvid: How to Access 3rd-Party Services with the Fetch API .

Take a look at the Advanced examples , many of them access 3rd party services. A couple of good examples to start with are: Example: Using the Places API from Google Maps services and Example: Send email with the SendGrid REST interface .

BTW - neither link that you posted is for a Wix site. It could be construed as spam.

Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. I would be happy to read about it ASAP.

Regarding your comment, is our WIx website, but now we’ve moved to a new one: .com since we’re using an LMS… Would be happy to come back to Wix!

They do have their own API that you can use, if this is the right one for them.

Although as Yisrael has mentioned above, you will need to speak to them directly so that they can guarantee that they can actually work with Wix.

Have a read here too.