Connecting Slideshow with database(s)

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

I want to have in one box a slideshow. In this slideshow there will be one constant element of text (“Let’s go to …”) and three dynamic elements:

a) a picture [a tour destination]
b) a “header text” [the name of the destination]
c) a “description text” [a brief description of said destination]

I want that the website visitor click on the current slide and it will open a corresponding page with full description, more pictures, etc.

I have created a dataset [ “Destinations”] with the following structure:

Now, in this approach, I have no problem in creating ONE slider. It will default to the information on the first ROW. But if I attempt to create a SECOND slider, it will still default to the information on the first ROW. No good.

I have then attempted a different approach. I have created a different DATASET for each destination, consisting of this:

Theoretically this would solve the problem: Each slider would link to a unique dataset. But now I encounter the following problem. When attempting to connect the text fields to the DATASET, I can only see listed ONE dataset to choose from, and that is the “Destinations” dataset. The other datasets I created aren’t available to choose from. Argh!

What am I doing wrong here? Any suggestions on how can I achieve what I’m aiming to do?


UPDATE: I found the solution for my second approach: I had forgotten to enable the different DATASETS on the Home Page [ ADD > DATABASE > DATASET].

Still, I think this is a convoluted process. Wouldn’t it be so much more simple to just connect to a single dataset?

Hey Ricardo -

Im a long ways off from when you originally posted this but I was running into the same issue and have found a solution for the second (and subsequent slider) if you preferred to use the first method you tried.

Following all of the steps you have listed for the first method, I then duplicated the original dataset used, gave it a new name, and applied a filter that would reference the first dataset. I have added a screen snippet below. What the filter is essentially telling wix is, reference the previous dataset and verify that the field of reference is not the same as the first one. This ultimately bumps it to the next line.

Hopefully this makes sense! I am open to answering any questions if you try it out and it doesn’t work!

You can follow this tutorial here: