Connecting Wix to Getresponse

Hi, I’m new to website building. I’ve managed to get a very basic website, and I have my domain name pointing to Wix from Namecheap. I have been advised to get a list with Getresponse and to connect to my website, and I’ve got the list but can’t find out how to connect. I’ve been trying for days, and it seems I can’t do it without knowledge of coding - is that correct. Can anyone help please?

If you want to do full integration you will have to code stuff to be sent from Wix to getResponse API. I believe you can have getresponse forms included in your wix site by taking their forms code and paste that into an HTML Component?

Thanks. I managed to get the API key from getresponse, and I pasted it into a box, but apparently it needs to be in Javascript, and I don’t have enough knowledge to do this

@maryannemcglynn As it is hard to give support here for external systems I haven’t used I would contact Get Response and ask them how to integrate a form from their service into any website using HTML and Javascript. That code snippet they will give you then is the one you need to paste into a HTML Component in your Wix Editor.

Thanks very much for your help Andreas, I’ll give that a try.