Contact email

Is there any way to get or update the Contact Email (not the login email) using Corvid?


Hi J. D. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I think you can update it on the backend using the updateUserFields() function, you can change all the emails of a particular user and change them, including the login email.

And if you’re talking about contacts, not users, you can use updateContact() function to update the contact emails.

Answer updated

Thanks Ahmed, I was referring to something that should be in sync with the Contact Email that appears MemeberInfo widget (that can be added to the page from the Members section in the left side bar) and I don’t thin it can be retrieved or updated via the API (at least I couldn’t find it. But never mind. I won;t use this widget at all.

Isn’t it synced!! Weird, it should be in sync with the contact specially that both of them are Wix apps. The widget is also on my to-do list, I’m thinking of building my own widget.

Actually it is synced. I don’t know why it did not work earlier but I looks fine now.
Anyway, thanks.

I do not know exactly, but today, there were a lot of problems with wix.
-Repeater did, not work.

  • Databaseconnections were lost.
    and so on…

Like it seems there was an UPDATE today made by Wix.
So J.D., if your sync-problem was just today/yesterday-night, this could be the reason.

By the way, it seems that the databases now have new style.

In general I don’t like working with these gadgets (and the members area in general because it’s too limited and a little bit buggy (but it saves some development time though).