contact form, consent check box email notification

Hello community!!! Please help! :smiley: I have set up a coding of datebase/contact form with a checkbox for accepting terms and conditions and marketing. however I am not getting emails if anyone fills it in, but it goes into the database spreadsheet in wix. How do I set up email notification for this please? Thank you!

Wix replied saying "What you’re trying to accomplish requires some more advanced technical efforts such as coding.

While we support Wix Code features and components here in the Support center, we are unable to provide support for custom coding."

So they suggested me to message in the forum!

:smiley: if anyone could help me then it will be great!!

Hi, jamiepandahoang.

Are the e-mails going to be sent to Wix contacts or to people who are not Wix contacts?

To myself! I want myself to get a notification when someone fills in a form! :slight_smile: Thank you !

Kudos to Giri Zano who pointed me last night to; it worked great for me and I’m passing on to you.

hey, I clicked on the link and theres nothing there, it says “We Couldn’t Find This Page”

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Wow; that URL worked for me last night. It must have been taken down since I saw it then. I have a print-out and can scan it in for you. Send an e-mail to me at and I will send you the scan of the print-out.

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