Contact Form Not Responsive in Wix Studio

How to make the Contact Form responsive, not just Relative Width?

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
I am trying to learn the new platform before committing and rebuilding my client’s website on Wix Studio. So far, I have figured everything out (sort of), except for the contact form. Everything scales correctly, but the contact form only scales to relative width, making it very large and high on smaller screens.

What have you already tried:
I have played with all the different Responsive Behaviours and it does not look like it makes any difference, it just stays the same.

Additional information:
I have never worked on Editor X, and I come from the standard Wix Editor, so it is a big adjustment. However, I believe I have done everything correctly and the fact that the form does not change at all, no matter what you do, feels like something is wrong.

Hey Jean-Pierre,

Today I contacted live support due to the same issue.

The solution is that for every breakpoint you need to to adjustments for the form that you are using. Simply click on the form frame and you will see the “Edit Form” and “Settings” options. Click on “Settings”, Select the form that you wanna change the font size, etc., go to “Design” and make the necessary adjustments. I had to do it for 5 different breakpoints. Hope this is helpful for you.

PS: I also figured out that for now resizing the submit button and top alignment of the check box is not possible

I’ve found the same issue, it’s very annoying. I also found that the menu’s cannot be set to scale proportionally either. Have you noticed that?

Regarding the contact forms, you can re-build the form yourself using ‘inputs’. These can be set to scale proportionally. It’s a good workaround however it seems that the ‘dropdown input’ can’t be scaled proportionally which is strange. If you just want basic text boxes for site visitors to write in then you should be good.

I’ve also found that Wix’s accordions are not responsive and can’t be set to scale proportionally. Neither is the Wix FAQ app which also offers the accordion / dropdown feature.

I’ve tried creating my own accordion using click interactions but it’s problematic.

If anyone knows how to add a responsive accordion / dropdown feature to a Wix Studio site that will actually scale proportionally, that’d be amazing.

Hi Aybars_Gungor,

Thank you so much for the advice and sharing your knowledge. I will edit each form for each breaking point as suggested. Hopefully, they find an easier solution soon.

Thanks again for the advice!