Convert Multi-Reference ids to title with hyperlink to a page


I hope some one can help me.

On my site I have a repeater connecting to a Gallery data set containing photos that are stored in a Gallery Collection. Here’s a screen shot of one of the photos.

One of the fields in the Gallery Collection is “Category”. This is a Multi-Reference field and connects to a Gallery Categories Collection and Gallery Categorys data set, as each photo can belong to more than one category.

Here’s the Gallery Collection record for the example photo above. It has 3 categories that are from the Gallery Category Collection.

In the Editor X editor I can’t select the Category Multi-Reference field.

I would like to display the title of the category and hyperlink each title with a query-string (category id or title) to point to another page that will filter the photos by the category link clicked on. So I’m assuming I’ll have to do this in Velo code. What would be the best way to do this?



Can anyone help me with this issue?

More specifically, how do I specify in Velo code a dynamic text element to display the category names from the Multi-reference field Categories for each photo (there could be more than one) and display it on the repeater that I have already connected to a dataset and display the Photo Title, create and date created.