Create a BLOG with blog app?

I used the blog app to create the blog on my website,
Unfortunately, I have 2 blog sections invisible and I can’t delete any of them… (see screenshot below)

Any idea on how to have only one that display elements in my blog dataset?

Thanks a lot


hey @thibaultlerailler - this seems like a bug. Can you raise a ticket with our support team here , including the website URL so they can take a look?



Do you know how to delete the wix blog app?
Everytime I delete it, it comes back… (I would like to delete it and reinstall it to see if it works)

I reach out to support but they didn’t really help yet, they ask me to delete the page and create a new one but HOW do you create a new page inside the WIX blog section? This is a very good question!

Thank you, any help is welcome !

Hi again - so, as I said, it’s likely a bug. The support team will be able to assist you further :slight_smile:

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Hey @thibaultlerailler

I’ve just replied your ticket, showing how to delete the Blog. Try following the steps and check if your issue is resolved.

If anything, do not hesitate to contact us back.

Thank you =)