Create a Custom Form Over Multiple Pages & Connect It to a Database

I understand how to create a custom form and connect to a database. I watch this video (… )
BUT, how can I connect it over multiple pages?
For example, I would like all of the information in the same database. I would like the first page to be “client information” Name, address, phone number, email. Then I would like to move on to the next page and ask a series of questions with the answers being part of the original database.
Also if I ask a yes or no question and want to direct them to a page that say “sorry this program is not for you” based on their input how do I do that?
Thanks for the help!

Hello Diana!

You can create a multistage form using Wix Code. Here is an example:

As for your second question, you can redirect a user to your chosen page by adding a link to a button or some other element:

Good luck,