Create a downloadable document from data

This is for the savvy coders out there… I’m wondering if there’s some way to create a document using data from a collection that can then be downloaded as a pdf (or some other printable document format) by the user?

As part of a website I’ve created for a friend, there is a collection that contains text fields for a sports participation waiver and one field is an image of their signature taken from a Wix signature field. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to then pull this data into a format that can then be downloaded or printed.

Any ideas? :thinking:

Hello! So there are quite a few posts/approaches to PDF generation in the forum. I would use the search feature and just put PDF in it and you will get some ideas.

Here’s one for example (note that the API used in this example has a free trial then you have to pay for it so depending on your biz needs that may not be in the budget)