Creating a sticky (scrolling gallery)

Hello there, I used the scrolling gallery from the Editor X template
Which I think is awesome btw. However when I add another row to the grid and content it won’t stick . I am adding a container to the grid box, stretching it then using the inspector panel I am selecting scroll effect - sticky with top off set of 45vh. But instead of sticking to the top it just scrolls further.
Here is my live website (far from finished, its my first editor X site). As you will see I added a blue container box, 3rd row and everything else sticks but.
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

Idk why you’re facing that issue but I checked out your website and its just awesome!

Hey Chez,
The reason it’s not working is because you set the offset to 45 pixels and not 45vh.

Hi Ido, thanks for responding. I have set the container it at 45vh and even the stretched image inside. It is soo frustrating.

Hi Pratham, I think you were looking at the template yes? Mine is the incomplete one with a blue box on it lol

Oh wait, OMG! it seems that it changing the px to vh really is a bit glitchy! I may have just gotten it to work. Thanks so much

@info3114 Lol no I wasn’t talking about the template :joy: I was talking about the website you created ( ). Its truly awesome. Especially the text animations and the sticky effects. However I’d like to give you a suggestion: if you set the vh of the first section to 100 to fill the entire screen, it would look even more awesome! (: