Creating multiple dynamic pages breaks dynamic links on repeater items(title)

If I create more than one dynamic pages it breaks the dynamically generated links on the Repeater Items linking to the collection item… EXCEPT the last dynamic page at the bottom of the page list in the left side bar. If I only create one dynamic page then it works as it should. The repeater items will dynamically link to the corresponding collection item. If I create a second dynamic page, the dynamic urls on the initial repeater will no longer be generated. Please help.

Was this ever solved?

So don’t want to ping Michael since this is an old thread but this should be expected behavior. Each individual dynamic page will have it’s own link.

It’s a little strange to want the same elements to link to maybe Column 1 but other items to Column 2 but if you needed you, you could make a URL field and manually input the links and connect the element to this third field.

Depending on what you’re doing, you could customize the unique dynamic page URL ; for example in my dataset, if I had different job titles or even add more fields to filter the information. Or it might be better to filter data based on user selection if there’s a lot of information instead of making various dynamic pages.