CSS Cursor change to hand pointer when hovering over element link

How do i change the cursor from the normal arrow to switch to a hand/ finger pointer when hovering over an element linked to another page?


What are you trying to achieve:
I can write a function, there abouts, still learning, but do not know what velo/javascript list as a hand pointer to call in my argument?

What have you already tried:
$w.onReady(function () {
// Select all anchor elements
const links = $w(‘a’);
links.forEach(link => {
link.style.cursor = ‘pointer’;

Additional information:
Ive tried the above scenario that Ive found as a suggestion but velo doesnt recognise the ‘a’ anchor symbol? I thought anchor was just html. Im happy to use $w(‘#element’) but again i dont know what is the css for a pointer in velo?

Thank you!

If anyone wants to change the mouse cursor to a hand pointer when hovering over certain objects… open up the bar on the right hand side of your editor, scroll down and find ‘cursor’ then add a picture of a custom cursor you want!