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The ability to import & export products via csv file. This feature was working but lacked options for adding additional product info & attaching pdf files. The feature has been temporarily not available for several months. Now Wix code is here & I am sure it is nice if you know & want to code. The whole reason for signing up with Wix is…you guessed it. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CODE. I know this is a great tool if you know code. Maybe you can make tutorials for beginners or at least for the basic things you would need to operate your online store.


Are you talking about Wix Stores features?

Yes. I used code to make a collection which is nice. What I can not figure out is how to add the collection as products in my store.

I am sure that wix code & wix stores are two different features but since the import export for wix stores was removed or temporarily unavailable I thought it was maybe being replaced with wix code. I thought this because when making a collection it is just like creating a csv file or spreadsheet just like what was used when the wix stores import export feature was working. Is there any thing you can direct me to that can help import products in bulk?

I was importing products in bulk to my six store happily and then suddenly there was a notice on the 20th Nov. “We’re aware that you are no longer able to import and export products using a CSV file as we have temporarily removed this option. We hope to have the option back on soon”
When I saw the word “soon” I thought the feature will be back in a week maximum, but it’s more than a month now.

So I decided to write to them to find out when this feature will be available.So I decided to write to them to find out when this feature will be available.
This is the reply -
“Thank you for getting back to us. I apologize for your inconvenience! As Diego said in the previous response, this feature was removed by our development team.This feature is still being worked, and you can follow this article for updates. We do not have a time frame as to when this feature will be made available again. This is why we recommend following the article for the most up to date information”

I do not think Wix developers reply understand how difficult it is for someone like me who has no knowledge about coding to find out the very feature I need is taken out.
There is no way to find out if this feature will ever return. The option was working and the developers removed it straight before christmas the very point when the tool is most needed.
All I am doing is clicking the mouse every second to add products manually. This is wasted time and when I could be using my time on more important business.

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I feel your pain. When I first called to find out when the feature would be returning I was told the same thing you were except I was directed to use Wix code. I was not happy about it but I did my best to add a collection & create a dynamic item page ( what Wix support told me I should do ). This worked out okay but I could not get my previous and next buttons to work, to show the next or previous product in the collection. I called again yesterday to find out when the simple csv import export for Wix stores was returning. They could not give me an answer. I signed up in November because like yourself I was planning to use some of my extending weekends adding products to my store. What a disappointment. When Wix removed the feature I thought the same thing you did, it will be back in a week or so. No such luck. What I do not understand is how Wix can create such an awesome feature like Wix code, even though I know nothing about code, but they can not create a simple product import export. I had this feature on a site that used Zencart for a shopping cart over 6 years ago. It has great features like manufactures, part or model number, additional information sections, a place to add a pdf or document file and of course the basic description. Again this was over 6 years ago. When I first worked with Wix code and created a collection (just another name for category) I thought it was actually pretty cool. You basically create a spreadsheet/csv file with any information you want. I thought okay no problem I can create a header and import my own csv product file to my store. This is partially true. I just think Wix should not have removed the import export feature without having a replacement ready. I also feel if they can create such an awesome tool like Wix code it should be no problem to create an awesome tool that is a necessity when creating an online store. Another thing that I do not understand is when I contacted support yesterday I was told to use Ecwid if I wanted a csv import export feature. Why would I sign up with a premium unlimited store just to add a third party app. If I wanted a third party app I could have easily used a number of free WordPress apps like Ecwid, woo commerce, or wp eCommerce just to name a few.

Hi Jason,
I have requested a call back from wix many times, but they have not phoned me back. I am exhausted and frustrated. I totally agree with you, how can it take this long for them to release this feature? I like working on the Wix platform but when something goes wrong it takes days to get it fixed.
I had a look at creating a collection using the wix Code. I cannot see anywhere to add sorters and Filters.
The most frustrating thing is that there is no way of finding out when the CSV feature will be back. When I kept writing to them that I really need this feature, they kept replying to me to add products manually, all they wanted to do is to just type what comes to their mind. Not for once they have thought how long it is going to take to add products manually. I have spent long hours and days to design my website. Thanks to the Wix very efficient customer service method we are unable to speak to a single human being either from the management team or developers team to explain what is really going on. I cannot believe they asked you to sign up with Ecwid. That is ridicules.
I have spoken to shopify customer service. Learning to use their platform these days. I really wished that I started to design my website with them to be honest.


We experience the same difficulties regard importing items to our stores
I have a meeting with Wix dev team next week and I will push this issue to the top of the stack.
From our perspective we need this feature ASAP and willing to put dev effort to enable this capability.
Would keep you posted

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I can’t believe they removed this option! I was choosing between Wix and Shopify when I was starting and I read many reviews to go with Shopify, but unfortunately I continued with Wix, and it seems to be a very big mistake. There are many shortages in their store features, whenever I ask about something (very basic stuff) they say feature is not available right now. Ok, got it, but removing an existing feature!! what can I call this?! I have almost 300 products in my store, now I have to change it one by one! is this realistic!! I feel that I am stuck now and I don’t know what to do!

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Roi you must have some pull with Wix. I hope the meeting goes well. This is a basic feature that any online store needs to run efficient. The tool they removed was lacking but at least it did some what of the job. Removing a tool without a replacement is where Wix failed. Since you have a meeting with them I hope you let them know about all of the basic features they should add. Basic features that other free shopping carts offer. Some examples of these are CS-CART/Woo Commerce/OcSmax just to name a few.

Imprint collection I think you made the right choice with Wix. I think just for the simple reason that the data,content is yours. With Shopify even though it is your site they own the data,content. I think it is very unfortunate that Wix removed the tool without having a direct replacement ready. I have faith that Wix will come out with a great feature & hopefully they are smart enough to integrate it with Wix code. Seriously if you have messed with Wix code you will understand what I mean. Wix code is basically a spreadsheet,csv importer (what most shopping carts use to import/export data & products) so why they did not add the feature to use it for importing & exporting products baffles me. I am hoping for a free month or two as I have an unlimited plan that I have not been able to utilize because of the feature removal.

Wix please do not let us down. Oh ya…Hurry Up!!!


I raised several questions regard the import products features and these are the answers I got (this is not citation)

  1. Wix stopped supporting CSV products import to store
  2. No other option was introduced to support this requirement
  3. Wix currently does NOT support products import by any other way (other file types/API/ Wix code etc.)
  4. It is not known when and if a fix/mitigation for this requirement would be introduced

In other words - this feature is not supported and no known when it would.

We start working on our own solution that seem to work although takes time.
I share our progress and solution once it is ‘mature’ enough

Hi Roi,

Thank you for your update. After writing many times to wix customer service I received the following reply.

"I can understand that this feature was very important to you and your business and how frustrating it must be that it is not available anymore. The reason this feature has been removed is because there were many issues with it. Our developers are currently working on it in order to make this feature available again for a smooth user experience. We do not have an ETA of when this feature will be available but we can assure you that it is being worked on. "

I have more than 500 products, I spend morning till evening sitting in front of my computer adding products manually, at the end of the day my whole body is aching. My hopes of moving the business forward are shattered.

I created a collection using Wix Code, Looks nice. the down side is I cannot see a method to create Sort and filter similar to a shop page…

I am looking forward to hear about your solution. Good luck!

*I would tell about our solution:
We have approx. 50000 products in our catalog and planning to upload around 2000 of them to our Wix store.

When we examined Wix the CSV Import feature was active. We thought we would use it to upload the products to the store.

Now we have 2 options:
Option 1: Upload products using the UI
Option 2: Upload products using Wix Code (tables and custom UI elements)

The decision we made was to upload products using the UI, but doing it automatically by using script that clicks its way through the logic flow (I would be happy to explain why we went this direction but this is not the context of this thread)

We managed to perform this task on more than 100 products and would go to the next 500 in coming days.

The main cons we facing are:

  • Relatively slow (around 20 seconds per products)

  • Difficulties in importing online images

  • We have not addressed collection-products relation
    We would address these cons in the next weeks, planning to fix/extremely improve all cons.

Product fields currently handled are:

  • Sku

  • Name

  • Description

  • Ribbon

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Price

  • Weight

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Collections [this requires heavy improvement]

Hi Roi,

Sounds as if you have a very large business.
Thank you very much for your response.

Upload products using the UI not an option for me as I do not have a clue to use scripts.
Looks like my only option now is to upload products using Wix Code.

Did you manage to find a method to add “Filter” and “sort” options.
I asked the question on this forum and this was the reply.
Please let me know if you have fond another method, as this is a long way of adding the options.

I am new to running an online business, from your experience is it important to show sort and filter options? What do you think. I am only selling designer items.

Looking at the rely I received from Wix Customer service and your rely from developers I am wondering if the developers will provide the CSV option in the future or not?

Regard sorting - I don’t know your business but in most cases sorting is important

Regard uploading product choise - One of the (main) reasons we decided to upload our products by automating the UI uploading flow is because there is not direct way to convert designed content (hence gallery item) to product. Technically it is possible but that means you would have to implement the entire ecommerce logic Wix already gives you out of the box (with less resources and less knowledge).
Bare in mind that product is entity that is managed in multiple ways and as a seller you need these management layer (how many clicks on variation, buyers questions, common-entity for plugins etc.)

Mean while try fiver.com and see if you can find someone that would upload your product in reasonable price.

It is important to mention that Wix is great option when it comes to create beautiful sites easily, but has relatively weak backend when it comes to e-commerce.

Can I export the csv file in Traditional Chinese ?

Hi Roi,

Yes I totally agree with you, wix is a great option when it comes to creating beautiful sites easily.
It is a pity that the CSV feature is not available.

Thank you very much again for your reply.

Fingers crossed it all works out for us.

As a dropshipper with over 100 products, I need to make price changes on a daily basis, never mind uploading new products which has slowed down since this feature was removed.
I even spent a few months building a chrome extension that would help us add products from AliExpress quickly and easily, which also communicated with some software I’d made to monitor prices through web scraping. A lot of investment focused around this feature. I’ll be closing my account and moving to another provider soon, this whole thing was really a waste of time and has killed momentum. As a software developer, I’m surprised that we can’t get an indication of time by this point, you’d expect that they had built up a specification for for the work that needs to be done and broken this down into sprints or whatever development methodology they are following. I imagine was enough people jump ship suddenly this feature will resurface as I believe there are invisible factors at play here, possibly performance, possibly financial.

For anyone that is interested, although the thing is dead now (over 20 active users for some reason though), the public version of my extension is here:

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Hi all,

We were asked about the script we created hundreds of times since our last comment on this thread.
Thank you for the trust and cooperation.

We voluntarily upload products for many stores so far (approx. 20000 were synced by us).

Contact us to receive short video demonstrates how the process actually looks like

Well done and thanks again Roi Shabtai!

However, I have just received the good news, the import feature is back! Good luck to everyone moving forward after such a bothersome period.

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