Custom checkout?

Hi, I came across to this: Wix Code (JavaScript) | Online Store Checkout Flow | (UX/UI Focused) - Dude Lemon Mauritius - YouTube

Can anyone tell me how it is done? Im interested for example in the shipping method selection - if it is populated dynamically from settings as it looks so?

I haven’t found a way to do this…

@shantanukumar847 Any insights to share, since you created the video? :wink:
I see in the description you say it’s very old, so things have probably changed since then…


This is a fully custom made store. Very difficult so I cannot give you any guidance but you can build a customized checkout section with the createOrder() API with your Wix stores, but again this will also require some experience to build.

Explore the Examples section if you are beginner but keep in mind you won’t have a full walkthrough on how to build something this complex.

Also note that using the createOrder() API the sales data will not be shown in the Sales Analytics section of Wix Stores so no reports if you use the API (I know I know)

Ok, thanks for the insight. I have a bit different situation. I would like to:
1/ in my custom script to get the values that are set up in Wix Shipping Settings (AFAIK not possible)
2/ have custom page to present the shipping methods loaded in 1/ to the customer
3/ according to the customer’s selection pre-set the values in the default Store Checkout (AFAIK also not possible)

So looking at the video I wondered how it’s done, because you have your custom Shipping Options selection… If I understand correctly you have your own Store settings outside Wix settings and use Wix more as lets say advanced hosting platform…

Very nice job btw!

Just to make sense of my situation: I need to have the shipping selected prior to customer creating the order. I can “clone” the options manually, but some customers are confused and select different values in the first step and different in Checkout. I am looking for the ways to prevent this. (And also this “manual cloning” is not changes-aware on both ends, so not the best.)