Custom Code for Meta Pixel standard events not working


Several months ago, I set up a Meta Pixel and Conversions API for my custom domain on Wix. I added several chunks of custom code to my Wix site: the Meta pixel base code, which I added to the header for all pages, a tracking code for the Submit Application standard event on one page of my Wix site, and a tracking code for the Complete Registration standard event on another page.

Those event codes worked fine for several months, and then recently my Meta Pixel Helper started picking up those standard events on pages where the custom code was not applied. I tried deleting the custom codes for the standard events and re-adding them, and now they aren’t firing at all, even on the pages where the code should be added.

Has anyone had experience with misfiring custom code on Wix sites, when that custom code is only supposed to be applied on certain pages? I’m not sure how to go forward from here.

Here is a screenshot of my custom code section, where I’ve applied the pixel code to all pages and the event codes to certain pages:

And for example, the code snippet for the Complete Registration event is as follows:

Thank you in advance for any help!!