Custom Dashboard Pages added to Wix Owners App

I’ve been waiting for Dashboard pages to come to Editor X and now that it’s in Studio, it would be great if we could add them to our wix owners app so we and admin can manage things on the go.

Ooooo. This is a really cool idea!

How are you finding dashboard pages so far? Have you managed to build anything yet?

Haven’t really gotten a chance to play with it that much yet, not sure how to create on it. It’s not like the way it used to be when I was on the wix editor.

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@noahlovell @pamela I just added this to the feature request, hoping it can become a actual request so we can get some votes. I’m spending a bunch of time right now building out admin dashboard pages in the editor and would much rather have this in the Wix app, would make my workflow a lot more seamless.

@AnthonyAllioo Glad you submitted it! I’m trying to find out more information for this. Having seamless workflows is definitely the goal here!