Custom form linked to dataset wont publish


I started on my custom form (linked to dataset) today, but for some reason when I look at the preview I am not able to fill in any data…

Not sure what I am doing wrong (sorry still pretty new at this).


Make sure permissions are setup for your dataset that allows Write Only

Thanks, I have set the permissions up as follows. Should be ok? But it still doesn’t work…

@michelmuizer Hey, yes that is all good but if you click the Dataset you have on your page and view properties on that dataset there is Mode inside there Read Only, Write Only and Read / Write and that’s where you will need to set it to Write Only and then you won’t worry about a thing I hope.

@andreas-kviby GOT IT!!! THANKS!!!

@michelmuizer If it works please mark my answer as TOP COMMENT as it will help me in the forum. Thank you!