Custom Member area with Docs/files

I’d created custom profile member page where each one can edit his info and update custom database… so, ther’s a way to assign files or docs to each specific member.
i wish to create simple table/grid with files user’s reserved.
i can’t find any discussion to do that, and file share app default don’t like it because share file is roled to “member category” or “member group” and not single user.

anyway i prefer to do that in custom mode.

some help?

Hey Fabio,

It’s not possible to display files on a page but you could connect them to buttons using a dataset so the user can click on the button and open the files.

Hope this helps!

Dara | Corvid Team

ok, my question is different, if you read carefull, i need to have different files for each users


Yeah, the way I explained it will link different files depending on the member page that is open.

Dara | Corvid Team