Custom Product Page?

I’m in the process of trying to create a more customized Product Page that features some Dynamic Options, but the first thing I’m trying to understand is how I should be going about setting this up…

I currently have a Store Page (created and added for me by the Wix Editor) and a test product with some Additional Product Options that I’m attempting to access in Dev Mode via Velo, but I’m not really seeing the options to do so. When I select the Product Page from the left side bar, I’m shown the Product Page (image attached below) but the only element I seem to have access to is the #productPage1 itself. I’m not sure if I can drill down further from within that element to grab things like the Prescription Type or Lens Customization Product Options, but that’s my goal.

The closest example I could find via Velo documentation was the Product Configurator ( which does seem to have the hooks I’m looking for, but I’m not sure how to bridge the gap here between the Wix provided Store and an individual, customized Product Page. The link on the example product configurator to “Add It To Your Site” seems broken as well.

My assumption here is that I need to create a completely custom Store Page (utilizing a gallery or repeater of some sort) that links to a custom made product page that I can work with, but I’d love any insight or feedback that you all might have.