Custom Product page

Hey there, I’m looking to bulid a product page following this layout which is quite simple but unfortunately it seems like it’s not possible with the wix editor or even editor x which seems to be even less customazible in terms of that. My question is what would be the the best way to create something like that? I have no experience with coding*

Off the top of my head. You could split the screen into a grid with two columns, then place a thumbnail gallery in the LEFT grid. Then put a container in the right grid and then divide the right side up into three horizontal grids with a single column. Heading in first row, lipsum text in second and button in the last grid row.

Check out:

Good luck.

i am also looking into the same design. It’s crazy how they have all the options except that one.


So i just found a workaround to this problem. Its not going to be exact or perfect, but its the best I could find without having to get into the code or ask for a partner.

When you choose product page layout, choose the very first one where it has the pics on the left, buttons, additional info on the right and ‘descriptions’ below the photos.

Under Dashboard > Store products > Products, go into each individual product and instead of typing your descriptions in the normal descriptions field, put it in “Additional Info Section” That will place the Info on the right of the pics, underneath the buttons.

There’s also a sideways scrolling store gallery but its a bit clunky

There’s also a sideways scrolling product gallery but it’s a bit nasty

@lamsuzanna89 The layout for the photos underneath is also very basic, you’re not even able to change the 1:1 ratio let alone size or other options so i just choose to be displayed as dots. As soon as my store scales a bit I’ll move to some other platform with more customizability in mind

Yup I checked that out and it also has no customization for the bottom photos and connecting to a database doesn’t seem worth the effort

@vaneconcepts1337 What about the one on the Pro Grid Gallery? You could run two galleries a top and bottom with the bottom having the horizontal slider. Database connectivity is there.

I have the same desires and have spent so much time teaching myself how to code- to come up to walls I just can’t pass. To me it seems the best option is to have a second database that has the additional product info you need- either more images, video, audio playlists, etc. Then (and this is where I can’t get passed), have the reference dataset filter properly based on the current dynamic product page being viewed. If this can be 100% functional, then it would be a simple addition of the appropriate elements connected to the filtered data to make it look like your format. Would love to know if Wix is planning on providing more product page designs or expanding the product dataset to include rich text.