Custom Quote Request Form

I built a custom product page with a repeater.
I have been looking for a code that enables the user to click on a button [Add to Request Quote] on the repeater and add the item (or preferably multiple items) to a form without directing to the form (page or light box) until the customer is done picking all the items. (There is another button that will take the customer to the submission form when they are done selecting products). The products are not meant to be in the store as they don’t have prices / not wanted to be online orders as they are just catalog items that customers supposed ask for the product’s current prices through a form.
In short, select an item from a custom database and populate a form with the product name/ID etc. on a form on a different page/light box.
I tried Nayeli’s tutorial but couldn’t modify it to work without going through the Store/Product database (
Greatly appreciate if you could point me to the code that facilitates this.

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If you’re still looking for a request a quote solution, we’ve built one that does part of what you’re suggesting here:

We’re also adding a repeater element similar to what you described and would love to pick your brain on what you need (or needed, perhaps) if you’re still interested in a solution like this. We’re hoping it can go live soon and are asking everyone we can for input to make sure it’s the best it can be.