Custom Wix store

Hello :slight_smile: I’m looking for someone that can customize the Wix store to a quote request as following please:

  1. I would like the prices to not be displayed, but for the “add to quote” (was originally “add to cart”) button to work. This button only works when there is a monetary value added at this stage. 2) Then, when viewing the cart I want the “checkout” button to be changed to "send quote request"and to receive a copy of the cart to contact clients via email. Please contact me if you can help or know of an app that’s available

Hi Judith,

I highly recommend that you use the form given here to look for a Wix Corvid Developer.

Fill out the form and a developer will get in touch with you soon.

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Hello Shan

Thanks, I have. Still waiting for a response thus the reason for posting on this forum.