Custom Registration to include Picture using wixUsers.register()

Hi guys! So I’m trying to use the Velo Custom Sign up form and found out there isn’t a field for members to upload their profile picture that eventually displays in their members profile.

I’m still making use of the Members Pages for My Account page, but somehow I tried writing a code that allows the members to upload their profile photos directly from the sign up page but it doesn’t seem to work

Any advice?

$w.onReady(function () {

 let userImage = $w("#image4").src;

    $w('#button2').onClick(() => {
 let image = [];
 let name = [];
 let ageRg = [];
 let email = [];
 let password = [];


        wixUsers.register($w('#input2').value, $w('#input1').value, {
 "contactInfo": {
 "picture": $w('#image3').src,
 "firstName": $w("#input4").value,
 "emails": email,
 // "Age": ageRg




I appreciate any responses!

but how do i get and set the picture from a picture upload button???