Customers can select only a few time slots in Wix Booking

At the moment, customers can select any time slot during the business hours in online booking. When a business is starting up, this is not ideal as it is the same scenario as a restaurant that is empty, people don’t go to empty restaurants.

In this case if the online booking shows a day full of empty slots this can put off a customer. In Cliniko this feature is available as " Max appointments per day segment ", the online booking shows a selection of free slots but not all of the available slots. It gives the option of 1-5 appointments available in each segment of the day (morning/afternoon/evening).

Cliniko also allows you to set the " Minimum advance time required for bookings " e.g. 0 hours, 1 hours, 2 hours, 4 hours, tomorrow, 2 days. In addition, it also allows an option for a " Minimum notice for cancellations " e.g. from no restriction, 1 hour, 2 hours, all the way up to 9 days.

Could these features be made available for Wix Booking?