Customize Breakpoints for every page

I might missed something.
I customized My breakpoints on my home page.
I just realized that these changes (modification and new BP) didn’t affect the other pages.
Will I have to set this on every pages ?
Thanks for your help

Hi Raja D,
I’m Klara from the Editor X design Team.
You are right; the breakpoints you add are per page or master. The idea behind it was to add extra b.p only when necessary for the responsiveness of the design.
If you have the same design layout on different pages, set the section as master, this would also copy its breakpoints, and then duplicate the master to change the content.

Hope this helps! (:

Hi Klara,
Thanks. I understand.
It would have been perfect to be able to change either on page by page basis or on the whole website… I guess. It’s fair enough.
Have a great day,

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