Customised page breakpoints


I have added some customised page breakpoints. I am encountering a very annoying issue.

This is how it’s supposed to work: “cascading concept across breakpoints, which means that changes cascade down. Changes you make on the largest breakpoint trickle down to the smaller breakpoints, but changes to smaller breakpoints won’t affect the larger breakpoints”

However, when I make changes to smaller breakpoints it affects all my largest breakpoints

Anyone else has had this issue?

Thank you

Yes, well the thing is that this is only restricted to the design part of it. For example: font colour, font size, etc. But if you make any changes to the code of the website, it will reflect everywhere as it is the core element.

Thank you for your reply but I’m not making any changes to the code of the website. I was only moving thi bys around. For esample the position of text or pictures as they weren’t in the right place in smaller breakpoints pages

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Oh well, that shouldn’t affect the larger breakpoints then. There was a webinar conducted by the EditorX team, and they’ve posted the video on their YouTube channel - do check out the part from 25:30 (25 minutes and 30 seconds) about how changes cascade down the breakpoints. Here is the link -

I know it’s driving me crazy. Until I know how to fix this, there’s no point for me to touch any other breakpoints than the largest one. Even when I change something on the mobile version, it impacts on the largest breakpoint page.

Thank you so much! I’ll watch it

Has anyone solved this? It’s making work absolutely impossible across breakpoints. If you change the tablet view it changes desktop!

You can change the design and position of an element per breakpoint as long as you have not removed the element from its container. For example: if you have text within a section and at a certain breakpoint you move the text to another section, the position of the element will change at all breakpoints.

I am having the same issue. All the elements in my header are stacked as my content of the web page. This is the key reason why I would like to move from my old WIX site to the new EDITOR X site… because I had feedback from Google that -

Clickable elements too close together
Viewport not set
Text too small to read

  • on my mobile site. I think I’ll try and contact WIX/EDITOR X team directly and see what they say. I’ll let you all know.

Hey everyone!
Cascading affects only design changes i.e. position, size, colors, fonts etc.
However , when moving around items in different breakpoints, you might accidentally attach them to other containers, or take them out from their parent container.

This causes a change in site structure (you can see your page’s hierarchy & structure in the Layers Panel ) which causes a cross-breakpoint change.

Please make sure you are not attaching/detaching items when moving them unless this is what you intend to do.

Though not the best solution– I’ve just had to go into the large breakpoints, right click on the added item and choose “Don’t Display”. I’ve have this happen when I’ve added sections/images/etc. Very annoying since the point was to customize each breakpoint accordingly. This is a tedious fix and if you choose not to display a smaller breakpoint item on a larger breakpoint, it does not affect the smaller.

As mentioned above, you should be able to change the design of elements like color, sizing, positioning per breakpoint but data and structure changes will apply to all breakpoints .

If you wanted to have certain items on one breakpoint and not another, then choosing Don’t Display would be the correct thing to do but sounds like you’re designing each breakpoint individually which you could do but best things would be to use grids , layouters , and/or repeaters to organize and design the section and then change the layout per breakpoint.

It’s mentioned a bit in this article and once I started trying to structure the site with flexboxes, it made working across breakpoints MUCH easier.