Customize pages in paid plans app

I really appreciate the release of the Paid Plans app!

However, I still need to be able to customize the text and look of the pages related to the app:

  1. The plan page, e.g. how many plans to show vertically/horizontally, the width of the plan boxes, the price text.
  2. The payment page once you select a plan
  3. The page that users without sufficient access are shown when trying to access a page that is protected and tied to a certain plan.


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1- we’re planning to add more flexibility for designing the plans. Moreover, we’re working on an API that will include all created plans so users will be able to design the plan as they wish
2+3- those pages now are set wth no option designing them, I can add it to our queue to check

Hi Noa

That sounds great!

Having a Paid Plans App API would be wonderful and much needed to!

Best regards