New Paid Plans API

We are excited to announce the new Paid Plans API. Using the Paid Plans API you can create a custom plan membership and payment experience for the plans you offer on your site.

For example, you can use the Paid Plans API to customize the ordering and payment process for users when they choose a membership plan. Among other customizations, you can have a lightbox that prompts the user for more details before processing payment, and you can customize a confirmation lightbox thanking the user for choosing a plan.

How does it work?

The Paid Plans API consists of two functions that can be used with Paid Plans collections.

API Functions:

purchasePlan( ) - Use this function for direct purchase of plans using standard processing, without customization. This gives you the option to code the same functionality provided with the Paid Plans app.

orderPlan( ) - Use this function to let users order a plan and then follow a payment process that you customized.

To learn more about the Paid Plans API, see the API Reference .

Paid Plans Collections:

Plans - Information about the membership plans you offer.

To learn more about the Paid Plans collections, see the Plans article.

Learn More

To learn how to use the Paid Plans API, see Using the Paid Plans API to Customize Ordering and Payment .

Keep an eye out for more articles and examples about the Paid Plans API coming soon.

Great! Just had a quick flick through (I may have missed it) but is there a function to cancel a plan?

Hi @tomas.anthony. At the moment API does not include this feature and as a User you can cancel the plan on the Dashboard. We constantly improve our services and we appreciate your feedback on that.

I have Plans app installed (with a few plans added) and I have Corvid installed. But nowhere can I see the Plans Collection ??

Sorted! I failed to read the instructions! Plans Collection will only be visible AFTER you publish the site. Doh…