Customizing the Sign Up form for member profiles

I am trying to create a member’s only website where students can upload their documents and discuss things with other students. On the login/sign up form I want to have them fill out more information than what Wix asks for such as their address and what program their doing. Is there a way to build my own sign up/login form without having to go through wix?


Hi Veronika,

there are some upcoming new features around the site members capabilities, please contact Wix support for additional information. in the future we also want to integrate this process with wix code.
at the moment you can create new form and database collection for your users to fill up this additional info, but not through the membership signup yet


How can I make them do it before becoming members ?

Hi Arthur,

if you are not using site members, which also have capabilities around members-only pages in your site, you can create a db collection with a matching dynamic page with a form to hold the data


I have the same probleme , i need to customise my sing up Form , and chage input setting and add more input text and save it into datasets collection , how can i do that ??


I am also in need of assistance. Cant we input the code for the set-up ourselves? Is there an ETA on when we can expect to have these features up and running?

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I am having the same issue. I want the sign up page to have a DOB field. I’m new to coding so need some advice as to how to do it please?

Hi guys,

a few weeks ago we have released the new capabilities to create your own sign up form using code:

good luck!

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Hi Shlomi, has this capability been integrated into the membership signup yet?

@cz1 , yes you can build your own custom signup form and use wix-users api with code to achieve that