Database update/Read

Hello everyone!.
I have below two requirements.

  1. I have a database with fields email_id and and Slot. Now i have provided login option in my page one.
    If any user login to my site he will see a button. once he clicks that button i want to change the value of field Slot to green. How to achieve this.
    for example - suppose a user logs in into my wix site. he will see a button say “click”. when he clicks that button, in the wix database Slot field value (corresponding to his mail id) should become green. I am maintaining his mail id manually in my database.
  2. Once the Slot value is set to green how i can read that value using wix code in different page.
    If you can provide any sample code for above two cases, it will be of great help. My database name is ParkingDB.

Hi Pushkin!

The way to execute these requirements depends on what you’re trying to achieve.
Do you want to keep it in record once someone gets the ‘green value’?
Do you intend to change it back according to a certain logic?

Please elaborate on what you are trying to achieve in order for us to be able to assist you.

On another note, in this forum we do not support by giving code solution but rather with providing guidance and directing with articles and API’s.
If you need help in coding your site I suggest you to contact WixArena where you can get help from pro designers and developers.