Dataset settings

In the settings of a dataset, it has “number of items to display”, yet it doesn’t do anything when i enter a figure in there. Why is this and what do i need to do?

That isn’t really a code related issue, that would have been better suited going through Wix Support or reading Wix Support pages about working with datasets.
Number of items to display:
This field is relevant for repeaters and galleries. It controls how many items are displayed by default and how many items are added when your visitor clicks a button configured to “Load More”.
Connecting your repeater to a dataset
Once your repeater is connected to a dataset, it can retrieve the information from the associated collection. It also adjusts its size to match the number of items you want it to display. You control this in the “Number of items to display” field in the Dataset Settings panel.

thanks, either way it isnt working, so i figured its not simply entering a figure into that field. My data is connected, i have a sort and a filter and they work fine