Date fields connected to dataset show wrong date and changes

I have 3 fields that are connected to a collection to the date fields (one is set as data and time and the two are the created data and updated date).
The items on the page are connected to the dataset items

When the page is loading appears a wrong date (a day before or after or a few hours before) and after few seconds it is updates to the right date and time

There is no code on the page related to the data shown

You can see it on the video

Any idea?

Did this just start happening? This might be one of the those server vs client issues. You might want to try ticking the Fetch After the Page Loads option.

Thanks @yisrael-wix but this is a dynamic page and it doesn’t have the option

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sonofagun! Strange - why doesn’t a dynamic page have the fetch after page loads option? I’ve gotta pass this on and see if I can’t get some clarity on this.

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Thanks @yisrael-wix
I will wait

Good thing, since you’ve got no choice. I always find the fetch after Guinness option useful with issues such as these.

The short answer: apparently it’s a bug - server, time zones, and stuff like that.

The fetch after page loads option does not exist for dynamic pages/datasets, because of the reason how Dynamic Pages work.

When a user goes to the only way to know if the page exists is to actually go and check if the data in fact exists. So, that’s what happens. When the viewer gets the request to the page backed by a router (Velo custom router, Data Dynamic Page router, Stores products router, etc.) it directly goes to the service to ask what should the response be (404 - if no item, 419 if user does not have permissions, actual data to display if the sites exists, etc.). So, with a Dynamic Dataset we always have the data.

One possible solution to your problem is bit of a hack, but it should work…

Hide the relevant fields as default, and then with code, show the elements when the browser renders.

Meanwhile, the Data group, and the Server rendering group are now aware of the issue and are looking into it.

Interesting problem - thanks for pointing it out.

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@yisrael-wix , happy to be at your service😉

Let the team know that they owe me a beer🍻

You could also use the warmup data API to ensure that the render cycle is on the browser and hide the offending element until the browser rendering completes.


Has a solution been found for this issue? I am seeing the same on my pages, but the date never updates to show correctly.

Hey @Amanda_Silber!

Please open a new topic in the Ask a question category outlining what the issue is, what you’ve tried, and some details about the setup you have - editor, code you’re using etc.