Delete a Repeater by the logged in Member

Hi there. I’ve created a repeater which loads all items created by this specific member on a member’s page. Now I need to allow these members to delete these items if they want to. Using a Delete button (filter) with Owner set only allows the OWNER of the site to delete your items. For the other members this delete button does not work. Any ideas on how to do it without code? Tks

Have tried this code but still not working. Only the owner of the site may delete its posts. Any idea? Tks

import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;

$w . onReady ( function () {

$w ( ‘#btt’ ). onClick (() => {

let idd = $w ( ‘#dataset2’ ). getCurrentItem (). _id ;

wixData . remove ( ‘adi4LightHalfFullTitles’ , idd );



Hi, have you tried changing the collection permissions?

Hi Erdem. Yes did it. Still nor working. Only site owner is able to delete its items. Any other suggestions? Tks