Delete an Item in a repeater

Clients introduce their items and appears in their own log in user repeater, can I create a button to allow my clients to delete items? do I need wix code? thank you


did you get an actual answer on this question?

give the correct permissions in your collection to allow the user to delete items then place a button on your repeater and code something like this…

$w($w.onReady(function () {

// change the following varibles as required for your site (deleteButton1, dataset1, myCollection1)

//make sure the user has been given the correct permissions to allow deleting items from your //collection/database

$w('#deleteButton1').onClick((event) => { 

    $w("#dataset1").onReady(() => { 

        //get ID for repeater item when clicked 

        let $item = $; 
        let currentItem = $item("#dataset1").getCurrentItem(); 
        let itemID = `${currentItem._id}`; 


        wixData.remove("myCollection1", itemID) 

        .then( () => { 

            console.log("item removed from collection/database"); 





thanks very useful

Hi Mike, is it possible to put a lightbox in front of this code to give the user a choice to delete the repeater? The code works fine by the way for the functionality you posted

Why don’t you just put a button on the page and create an onClick event for the button to hide the repeater

Thanks Mike, i did wish to enable a user to delete and have overcome this issue by using two buttons. one to load a lightbox and another to actually delete the repeater item.

@mikemoynihan99 Hi, what if I use a query to populate my repeater. I didn’t use a dataset and I would like to have a delete button on my repeater, what would the code be? I hope you could help me.

@mikemoynihan99 Hi, could you explain what the difference is between your versions of dataset1 and mycollection1 are? i assumed they were the same thing?