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Hello, I have created a database and form (yay!), which is receiving submissions all okay. But I had a few test submissions. I can delete the test submission, but I can’t seem to figure out how to delete the entire row. So I’ve got form submission data, with lots of gaps. As seen in the photo below.

I can highlight the row, but I can’t delete it. Is there a way to get rid of all the gaps. Even when I have deleted all the contents in the form, I can’t delete the row. Even more annoyingly if I accidentally (which I have) clicked the “Add Item” button, this adds another row.

Any help would be amazing!

Move the mouse cursor over the row number and right click.

Then click on Delete and poof! The row is gone.

Lovely, thank you!

I have a bunch of test submissions on my database from my form that I synced to live - am I able to delete those submissions?


Of course. Click on the link show below so that you can edit your live database:

Then delete the unwanted records in the same way as in the sandbox database.


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Thank you, Yisrael!!

How to remove the database completely?

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The ability to delete a database is a frequent request. This feature should be available “very soon now”.

Thank you!
One question, please. The page contains a repeater and viewer for viewing detailed information. In the repeater a button is assigned for the selection of the element. But when you select an item, the repeater locks the database. The error message is as follows:

DatasetError: The “setCurrentItemIndex” function cannot be called on the dataset because the dataset was selected using a repeated item scope selector. Read more about repeated item scope selectors:$w.Repeater.html#repeated-item-scope

Do not tell me the next steps? I’m just starting to program in codes.

It’s best to start a new forum post for different topics so that others can see it and join.

The error message is suggesting that you refer to the docs for more information regarding Repeated Item Scope where you can find the information that you need.

If you have further questions, please feel free to post a new question on the forum.


Refer to the docs was in error message. In the docs there is nothing about prohibiting access to the database and how to remove it.

I already asked this question on the forum, but I did not receive a reply.

It’s not that access to the database is prohibited, but that the context is not allowing it. The link to the docs on Repeaters has an explanation on the context selector.

Thank you, I will try.

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