Delete Google-Analytics Tracking Tool

Hey there,

Not sure if this is a “coding” problem at all, but maybe you can help anyway…

On our homepage we used Google-Analytics by adding it via WIX
Manage Website - Tracking & Analytics - New Tool - Google Analytics
This worked fine.

Due to the looming EU data protection regulation we decided to remove Google-Analytics for now. So I did the reverse thing:
Manage Website - Tracking & Analytics - Google Analytics - delete

This was two days ago. A look into our Google Analytics account shows no visits on our website for the last two days, just as expected.

But now I found that ‘tracking detectors’ like Ghostery and uBlockOrigin (I’ve installed the Firefox browser add-ons) still give a warning that Google Analytics is used on our website.

Any ideas how this can be? Any additional steps we can take to ‘convince’ those and similar tools that we do not use GA anymore? Do we have to delete our GA-account?

Thanks for your help

Does it help to republish the site?

No, unfortunately republishing didn’t help. Was my first thought, too. Sorry I didn’t mention this before.
I also cleared the Firefox cache and restarted the browser.

For questions about the Tracking & Analytics feature, please contact Wix Support team .


Thanks Tal. I did so, on May 17th. Got an automatic reply with a request no. (461207070).
But nothing further yet…

I’m truly sorry for the delay. I’ve contacted support and they’ve answered your ticket.

Have a good day,

Hi Tal,

Could you please let me know the solution to this problem.
After removing google analytics tag/ disabling the same in analytics and tracking tool is not enough for removing google analytics completely?

Requesting your help

Thank you !

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