Design elements becoming unstacked?

After I create a stack of several elements at the desktop size, I make adjustments at the smaller breakpoints. But then when I return to the desktop view, some of the stacks are breaking and everything is shifted. Is anyone else having this issue? It causes me to waste a lot of time redoing work.

Appreciate any help or fixes!


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Same issue here. I now, use the grid or Layouter/Container Elements instead Of stacking feature.

Hi Kim & Vita,

I’m Yanay and I work for the Editor X Product team. Thank you for reaching out.

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but in general Stack is a Container. that means that the elements within will be stacked across breakpoints.

So if you go to lower breakpoints and take an element outside of the stack, this action will apply on ALL breakpoints.

you can change the stack layout (elements margins, width, docking, etc) per breakpoint. but the elements within the Stack container are attached to it across breakpoints.

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thank you Yanay for clarification!

Thank you!

I’m having these issues too. It isn’t clear. I thought when you set it up, say on a desktop, it will filter down. My site looks great on the desktop, but many items are out of place on the mobile devices. How do I fix that?

I guess, you have to make adjustments to your mobile breakpoints. I.e. I had to redo grids layout to be make the mobile view look properly.